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The Trouble With Experts

The world is filled with electronics, technology, gadgets and toys. The last century has seen huge advances in all sorts of fields, such as medicine, transportation, and of course, computers. Our cutting edge technology is driven by experts in every field and our products keep getting better and better. The problem is ... What do you do if you need to do something that can't be done? Use VCILP.ORG

We can help you solve problems you may have thought were insolvable

Our strength comes from the ability to look places that most people, including experts, would never think of. So we often solve the types of problems that you'd least expect to be solvable.

Many people claim to be creative. But we're more creative than most. Much more creative. (And perhaps even more creative than that...)

If you're familiar with a certain type of problem, field, or task, then you probably have an "intuitive" sense as to whether something can be done or not.

If the solution to your problem lies "inside the box" or "just outside the box", it probably seems like something that "can be done". And if it "can be done",you can probably find a knowledgable person, perhaps an expert, that can help you solve your problem.

Experts, by definition, know a lot about their fields and how things "are done." And they usually come up with very good answers. But sometimes even an expert may not see a solution to a new problem. Or the proposed solution may seem much more awkward than it ought to be.

If the answer is very evasive, it might not be because of "the box", but because the easiest solution is to do something in a way that seems, at first, completely unrelated to the problem at hand.

So most people, including experts, will simply "draw blank", or worry about details that aren't even part of the solution. Many people are creative enough to realize that something needs to be done in a way that "you're not supposed to do it." But that tends to "break the rules", which implies, that "the rules" are still part of their mindset.

There might be a solution But if the solution isn't "inside the box" or is even "just outside the box,", then it probably seems like a problem that can't be solved.
Except that IS precisely the type of problem that we're here to solve.