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Is there something that you "can't do"
that you wish there was an answer for?

For example:

    Is there one step of an process that "has to"
    be done by hand, but you wish it could be automated?

    Do you have an idea that could possibly save time or money for
    your company? But the experts (or the "IT" department) say it
    can't be done?

    Or is there something really "cool" that you think must be doable,
    but neither you or anyone else you know seems to know how to do it?

VCILP.ORG excels at figuring out
how to do something
before other people can.
We're here to help with something
as simple as speeding up a couple of annoying steps in your work flow,
like where to put your markers on the wall.
Or we can help you make
a product/tool that does what no other product or tool currently does, saving your company millions of dollars.
Or maybe you're the "play hard" type who wants to do something really cool
and doesn't want to wait and hope that some big companies
gets the same idea EVENTUALLY?
Think of the impossible and VCILP.ORG will find a way to make it reality.
No idea or concept is too big
or too small for us to actualize. In fact, VCILP.ORG challenges you to imagine an idea that we cannot figure out.
That is what we are looking for: challenges.

We're hoping you can tell us
about some problem, situation, or idea
that noone else can figure out
because we think we have a chance of
figuring it out regardless!

If you think you or your company can benefit from our expertise,
contact us.

Learn more about VCILP.ORG

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If you are looking for a way to accelerate your business, talk to VCILP.ORG. No concept too big, no detail too small. When you need a company willing to think very hard about a problem, talk to us.

I've got a problem you might fix, send me to the request form.